Around the Bay 2004

Some of you may remember my sorry “Around the Bay in a Day” tale from last year.

I must have had rocks in my head, but a couple of months ago I signed up to do it again.  I think I just wanted to prove to myself that I could get back before the finish.

The ride was on yesterday and we had perfect weather.  I completed the ride with Tanya (rowing/cycling friend) and my sister Leanne.

My ride adventure started the night before.  I had borrowed Tanya’s bike pump to pump up my tyres, and instead of inflating them I kept deflating them.  I couldn’t believe I was doing this ride again and I still don’t know how to use a bike pump, let alone change a flat tyre.

Some of you who know me a bit better may know that I have a hysterical laughing problem.  Sometimes I start laughing and then can’t stop.  Sometimes it may look and sound like I’m crying, at other times no sound comes out, but I’m really laughing.  These episodes can strike at any time, and the strangest experiences can set them off.  I had one such episode at 5am yesterday when I was riding against the traffic, with a taxi heading towards me.  It looked like being a head on smash and to make matters worse I almost fell off my bike.  Luckily I lunged for the tram stop and the taxi changed lanes.  Not funny you say, well for some reason I thought it was hilarious, and I started giggling and couldn’t stop.  Leanne and Tanya (who have both experienced my laughing episodes before) just shock their heads and probably thought to themselves that it was going to be a very long day…

I found the ride down to Queenscliff really easy, as we were able to take advtange of some great packs.  The pack I managed to get on outside of Queenscliff was awesome.  I have never travelled so fast on a bike in my life.  The only problem with the packs is that if only one of us got on to them you soon got separated from the others.

Reading between the lines you’ll probably work out that I really lost it at one point.  It was probably only for 17km, but it meant that I slowed us down by about 30 mins.  I didn’t really have enough to drink, but at the same time I was busting to go to the toilet.  At the time we were riding through some picturesque rural areas.  I should have been really excited about seeing cows, but the only thing going through my mind was which tree would be a good one to go and squat behind.

Tanya was Michael Schumacher.  She was constantly burning up the road overtaking people.  I kept thinking I had lost her and Leanne and then I would see these yellow tops in the distance, veering out towards cars and over-taking whole packs of cyclists.  I kept waiting for her to burn-out, and particularly when we got to Beach Rd which usually I power along and leave the others for dead.  But no, Tanya was like a Durecell battery.  She loved the tail wind conditions, and just kept going and going!

Leanne once again did extremely well, keeping up with and overtaking cyclists with flash road bikes.  (Leanne has a very well loved old hybrid bike.)

All in all it was a great day.  Unlike last year there was no sore neck, back or feet and no crying.  My bike is still in one piece and I might even consider getting back on it and going for a ride in a couple of weeks.

Can someone remind me next year not to sign up again?


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