Happy New Year from South America!

Happy New Year from South America!

Yep for those that don’t know I’m travelling around South America. Back in Oz the 10th of Feb.

I would have told you this news in my Christmas cards, but unfortunately I had to cancel Christmas this year. I found out in mid Dec that I had to move from my little flat at Brook Street, Hawthorn. I can´t complain, I have been there 8 years. The owners son is going to move in and they are going to do the place up. I was given two months notice, which is more than they have to give me. The only problem is that I was going to be away in South America for most of that time. A quick check of the Internet and weekend papers confirmed that there was nothing really available until January – when I would be away, so the only option was a storage unit. So all my worldly possessions are bundled up in a storage unit in Abbotsford.

Now I know people are moving all the time, but I had forgotten what it was like. I had 8 years of accumulated junk (eg 2 garbage bags of plastic bags, numerous other bags, clothes that I don´t think I´ve worn in the last 8 years, 8 boxes of tissues and 7 tubes of sunburn gel). And a one bedroom unit that probably had as much stuff in it as people have in a house. Also I have to admit I can be a bit precious – okay, okay, I admit I can be a complete drama queen… So I would like to take this opportunity to apologise to everyone that came in contact with me in the last 2 weeks of December. Thanks especially to those that helped me move. I think I only had 1 or 2 hissy fits… We moved on the 29th of Dec and then I flew out for Santiago on the 30th, so everything was a bit of a rush. I will deal with the living situation when I return. My new address for the moment is PO BOX in Richmond. I am going to keep this going even when I do find somewhere to live. The PO Box is opposite my gym and will be useful when I´m away instead of having mail accumulate in my mail box.

Okay enough of that and onto the holiday 


Well it as on my list of places to go, but it started to get serious at World Cup time. I organised a sweep at work, and I drew Ecuador. I knew that Ecuador was in South America, but I have to admit that I did need to check the map to see exactly where it was, how big, it was etc. Then I saw them play (and this sounds awful) but the people looked different to what I imagined so I decided that I must go over and visit them. The idea was put on the back burner for a while, but it kept surfacing as I attended friends 30ths. I kept thinking that it would be cool to be in South America for my 30th. Then work announced that we had to take 2 weeks off over Christmas as annual leave and I thought well I might as well go away, and Jan is one of the quietest times for me. Then I received an unexpected surprise in the mail. My uncle had left some money to his nieces and nephews (all 39 or so of us). Suddenly the huge costs of flights over here was looking manageable. To my poor Mum´s horror (who I think hoped that I would settle down and buy a place like everyone else I know) I announced I would use the money to do something David would have liked me to do, and that was travel. So that´s the story about why I´m over here and doing a tour of Bolivia, Peru and Ecuador.  


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