A city that doesn’t sleep‏

Oh my God – New York is a crazy city!

To really get the city and to feel the buzz you have to experience it at night. Last night I was in Times Square after 11pm. The place was packed. It was like Melbourne on New Year’s Eve. The place was teaming with people. But it wasn’t a special event, it was just a normal “Monday” night.

I started my day yesterday with a trip to the gym. Then I hit the streets. Got my first glimpse of The Empire State Building. First stop Patience and Fortitude! These are the famous lions outside the New York Public Library. Did a tour of the library. Then it was time for lunch.

After that I walked up to Times Square and saw the famous crystal ball. It’s a bit smaller than I thought. I jumped on one of those hop on, hop off buses, and found myself down in Lower Mahatten. This is where Wall Street is. I went and took a photo of the bull. Which is a bit ironic because it was such a bad day for the market. Wall street was full of tv crews as they covered the share market crashing after the down grading.

Then I wandered down to the old world trade centre site before heading towards the river where I got my first glimpse of the Statute of Liberty in the distance. It was nice walking along the river because there was a breeze, and it was so hot. Don’t get me wrong. I loved the heat, but I really needed a cold drink or ice-cream. The only major problem with this city is that I can’t find the convenience stores to buy an ice-cream! There’s no 7/11 type of stores. Although I did find a deli where I bought a beautiful banana for less than a dollar!

Then I caught the bus back to Times Square. I have to do some more exploring tomorrow. One of the areas that intrigued me was the “melting pot” of New York. The tenements area where all the migrants moved into. There’s apparently a tenements museum which I wouldn’t mind checking out. By this time it was about 7.30. I saw that there were still cheap tickets to the Broadway shows on that night, so I booked a ticket to Chicago, which was great.

On the way home I found a ice-cream shop one of the librarians I know in New York recommended to me.  I had the Party Cake Remix. Imagine this:
– Cake mix ice-cream (yes it really did taste like cake mix)
– chocolate fudge
– chocolate brownies
– rainbow sprinkles
Then mix it all together. Yep that’s the ice-cream I had. It was so rich! I got the medium size and could bearly finish it. But ohh ohh so good!

No other news here. My accommodation is great. Costing me a fortune, but I feel reasonably safe walking home at night. Although I did get a bit lost last night which is pretty impossible in New York with the street names being numbered. Soon worked out my problem and retraced my steps.  I’m staying in the flower market district and when I walk outside in the morning I’m confronted with buckets and buckets of flowers from the nearby florist shops. What a wonderful way to start your day!

Funny things that made me laugh:
– They have these road signs telling people not to honk their horns, and that there is a $250 or $350 fine. Can’t remember how much. Anyway it’s quite ironic because everyone is honking their horns.
– The US must be very worried about germs. All the tourist sites I’ve visited so far have these hand disinfectant machines throughout the buildings. I didn’t need to bring any with me.
– Haven’t got the hang of this tipping business. I think I’m being too generous in my tips.
– Hoping the Aussie dollar goes back up. Trust me to travel here when the bottom falls out of the market.

Anyway, that’s it from me. I think I’m going to visit one of the galleries today.

Can someone tell dad that I’m safe and that the riots aren’t going to spread to the US. Although I did just catch the news and it looks terrible.

Lots of love


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