Singing in the rain‏

Okay today was not a successful sight-seeing day.

I was so tired this morning, I decided to just stay in bed and watch the opening of the stock market at 9.30. I’m finding this to be compelling viewing at the moment.

Next thing I know it’s 10.30, and then the next time I wake up it’s 2.30pm. I’ve been pretty stuffed around by the jet lag. I also think the day in the sun yesterday took it out of me as well. The only reason I ended up waking up was because housekeeping called me to find out when they could make-up my room. Oh well I suppose I’m on holidays… And I do have 2 weeks.

I’m home earlier tonight, so hopefully I’ll sleep well and will have more energy tomorrow.

Anyway it was probably a good day to have off from sight-seeing. The weather was crazy! I had a poncho and fold-up umbrella and still got soaked. I don’t think a golf umbrella would have helped. The closest I can describe it is the crazy flash flood type of rain Melbourne had recently, or the rain I got caught in Samoa. It was still warm, but just very wet.

I was trying to walk to Times Square, but had to give up and duck into a department store. Ended up shopping in Maceys for over a hour while I waited for the rain to stop. People are right. Clothes are cheaper in the US. Runners that I would normally pay over $200 for were $60. Handbags were still expensive, which is a bugger because that was what I was going to buy.  I did end up buying a Ralph Lauren top for $29.

But the time I left Maceys it as after 6pm. My hop on hop off bus ticket was still valid, so I did the night tour, which went down to Brooklyn. Then I was going to go up the Rockefeller centre, but the person selling the tickets told me to come back another night because it was cloudy and I would be wasting my money.

So then I walked back to Chelsea and found a NY pizza place for dinner. I got the small but oh my God it was so large! I could only manage 2 pieces before I had to ask for a doggy bag. The soft drink bottles are also too big. They only sell 570ml, nothing smaller.

In other news, Dad you would love New York. There’s steam coming out of the roads everywhere. It’s just like Rotaroua in NZ, but more of it. You’d love driving over the steam. My hair has gone nice and curly from the weather.

Time for sleep. I have my alarm set for 6am tomorrow to hit the streets. No sleeping in tomorrow!

Lots of love


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