These feet “were not” made for walking…

Woo hoo! Finally sleeping properly. Awake at 5.15, but that’s a nice time to start the day. If my legs can handle it I might visit the gym.

Today I will be tackling the subway. I simply cannot walk another step. I usually avoid catching trains when I travel, because I like to walk around and get to know a city, but my poor little legs can’t keep going. Waking is also not efficient in New York. It takes too long to get from one end of town to the other.

Yesterday I walked into Times Square, and caught the uptown tour bus. I usually avoid these types of things, but the bus tours have been really useful to give you an overview of where everything is, so for example I know where to go back to the art galleries and museums.

My tour ticket was about to expire, so I jumped on one last bus downtown and jumped off at Battery Park. The aim was to go to Ellis Island and do a cruise past the Statute of Liberty, but there was an hour wait and the lady suggested I come back tomorrow, because I wouldn’t have time for everything.

So then I went to the old US Customs House which is now the museum of the American Indian. After that I decided to hit the pavement and explore New York by foot. I walked from Lower Manhattan, through Tribeca, then it was onto trendy SoHo where all the designer shops are, from there I walked to Greenwich Village or West Village. I liked this part of town. It was near one of the universities and had a really vibrant feel to it. I sat in the park at Washington Square. There were people everywhere enjoying the sunshine, and there were jazz bands. It was really lovely. By this time it as 3pm and I realized I needed food to be able to keep going. I stopped and had some soup, which seemed crazy for such a hot day, but anyway.  I’ve also discovered this place that does this amazing lemonade. I hate canned lemonade, but this was the real deal.  It is so real and refreshing. I think it even beats the Vietnamese version.

I then walked to Gramercy Park. I really liked this area as well. It seemed more green. The streets were tree lined and there’s a private garden called Gramercy Park. To use the garden you have to be a resident of one of the surrounding houses. Even though I couldn’t walk through it was nice to walk past it.

Then I walked through Madison Square Park back to Chelsea.

Some comments:
– I find it weird that New York doesn’t seem to have residential rubbish bins. You just tie your garbage bags up and then pile them up on the sidewalk for collection. There doesn’t seem to be recycling either, but maybe I’m wrong on that.
– When I was walking around yesterday I finally worked out what was bothering me about this city. There’s not enough green. Don’t get me wrong it’s great and I’m really enjoying it, but I couldn’t live here. Not unless I had heaps of money and had an apartment opposite Central Park.  It was funny one of the tour dudes on the bus kept going on about New York’s wonderful parks, and I’m like have you been anywhere else mate – these aren’t parks! Now I have to admit I would have a different opinion on this if I lived up near Central Park – that’s awesome. But it’s a long way to go for some greenery if you’re down the other end of town.

I started to compare London to New York in my head. I would live in London in summer in a heart-beat. Again probably only in certain areas, but what’s lovely about London is the parks, and every place has pots of geriums (can’t spell) or petunias on their balconies. I wondered why I wasn’t seeing that in New York, and then I clicked that none of the apartments in New York have balconies. The only outside area you see is the fire escape. Girls – you’ll know what I mean. Think Pretty Woman – the end of the movie – where Julia Roberts let’s the stairs down to the fire escape so Richard can climb up to her. Well I suppose you can’t put pots of flowers on the fire escapes for obvious reasons.

Plan of attack for today:
– Gym
– St Patricks Cathedral
– Central Park (part of it)
– Frick collection
– MoMa – Museum of Modern Art
And a cruise around the island if I can have everything else done before 4.30pm which is doubtful, otherwise I will do the Rockefeller centre.

Hey Leanne did you go out to Yankee stadium? I was thinking of going to the baseball. The tickets were over $350 for the games this week, but I think I can get cheaper seats this weekend.

Lots of love


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