Gumboots everywhere!

Right, I haven’t emailed you about Friday yet. I’ve fallen a bit behind.

On Friday I got up at the crack of dawn and caught the subway downtown. I caught a ferry to the Statute of Liberty and then to Ellis Island.

Some comments on my day:

– The Statute of Liberty was really cool. I thought it was going to be touristy and tacky, but it was actually a buzz to see. Like seeing the Eiffel Tower in Paris, or Buckingham Palace in London. You know those icons you grow up with, and you can finally say I’ve been to see them in the flesh.


– The USA park rangers are amazing. They do these really informative free tours, and the rangers are so passionate about their jobs. I went on this tour at the Statute of Liberty where they gave you the background. It was really interesting.

– I didn’t climb the crown. I did have a ticket to climb up the pedestal, but they wouldn’t let me in because I had an iPad in my handbag.  I had to go and put the iPad in the lockers provided. Decided it wasn’t worth lining up again.

– This was probably the first day I felt overwhelmed by tourists. You had to line up for everything. And I swear there must be no one left in France. Every voice I heard was French.

– Ellis Island and the migrant history was really interesting. I had read that you needed 5.5 hours to do both the statute of liberty and Ellis island. I couldn’t see how I could spend that much time, but I think it ended up taking me over 6 hours to do both.

– Americans are very polite and friendly. I’m going to miss being called Maam.

Today is Sunday and it has rained all day. The weather was forecast after a couple of glorious days. By the time I got home my feet were soaked. The number one fashion accessory in this weather appears to be a pair of gumboots. I’ve seen so many today it’s not funny – really pretty patterns as well.

I’ll tell you about my Saturday and Sunday in my next email.

Lots of love


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