So today’s Monday. My plan was to go to the Met (Metropolitan Museum of Art), but like many museums that is closed on Mondays, so instead I went to the American museum of national history.  It was free with the city pass tickets I had purchased. Can’t say I was a real fan. It was overrun by bloody kids.  The dinosaur section was done well, but otherwise it kind of reminded me of an old fashioned style of museum. Like what the Melbourne museum was when we were kids. I think they are doing it up, but boy do they need to. They had a good collection. I’ve never seen so many stuffed animals in my life, but they really need to liven up the exhibitions.

Got lost on the trains again today. I got on express trains twice, heading for the Bronx and Queens.

Today’s ice flavour: Oreo Overload
Sweet vanilla ice-cream, chocolate fudge and crushed Oreo biscuits. Good, but still doesn’t beat the cake mix one.

Just after I bought this there was a massive storm, and I was standing under cover watching the rain bucket down as I ate my ice-cream.  I had to buy a new umbrella today after my Melbourne one died. The new one is keeping my head dry, but you seriously need plastic pants or gumboots to keep your jeans dry. The bottom of mine are wet again.  Good news though the sun is shinning now.

I’m currently just filling in time.  I bought a ticket to Hair tonight.

I’m sitting in the tourist info centre that has free Wifi.  That’s it from me for now. I might go and check out the m&m store. The have a whole shop dedicated to m&ms.

Lots of love

PS I woke up dreaming about US politics this morning. The tv channels are full of the Iowa Strawpoll results, which the tea party chick won.  They don’t think she’s a serious contender though for the Republican nomination because they don’t think she can compromise.


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