An affair to remember…

Hair last night was amazing. One of the most enjoyable musicals I’ve been to in ages. Probably because I knew all the songs thanks to Janice.  The poor French family beside me didn’t seem to get it. A lot of the dialog seemed the be lost in translation for them.   Although the two girls had giggling attacks during the nudity scene. I’m guessing they didn’t know about that?  At the end of the show everyone got up on the stage singing and dancing.

So today I had a bit of a sleep in. Didn’t wake up until 9am. Bad day to sleep in, because I’m visiting the Met (Metropolitan Museum of Art). It’s amazing – like the American version of the Hermitage.  I got here at 12pm, and so far in 3 hours all I’ve managed to see is the 19th and early 20th century collection of paintings and sculpture. I think I’m going to need to come back again…

The hermitage is definitely grander, but this is the closest I’ve come to it.
Some of my favorites today include:
Edgar Degas – The little fourteen year old dancer (sculpture)
Renoir – In the meadows
Pierre-Auguste Cot – Springtime and The Storm
van Gogh – Wheat fields with cypresses
Monet – View of Vietevil
Redon – his still life flowers – simple buy joyous.

Okay funny thing just happened. I’m in one of the cafe’s here having a late lunch, and one of the waiters came up asking me about the cat and the dog?  I finally worked out he was talking about the “Talking Tom” app. He asked to see it so he can show the other waiters….

Some other notes / reflections on New York:

– There is no sense of style here – nothing, zip, zero. It’s even worse than Sydney! I feel overdressed in jeans and a nice t-shirt. And I don’t think anyone wears make-up. The best way to sum up NY style is sporty/daggy.

– On every corner there are food vans.  I haven’t eaten anything from them yet, but they sell everything from pretzels, to hot dogs, to kebabs, to whatever. Some of it smells really nice, but I wonder how they make enough money to survive.

– There are also all of these fresh fruit and veggie stalls. Many of these seem to be an initiative of the New York city council.

– There are also heaps of WholeFood supermarkets. Did you go to these Leanne?  They seem to be upmarket supermarkets specializing in organic food. I often go there to buy a salad or some fruit instead of going out for dinner. A lot of people obviously do that, as they have plastic forks and spoons at the door.

– There are no fat people in Mahatten. You always hear about the obesity rates in the US, but there’s no sign of that here. Why?  Well it goes to show you how bad cars are for our health. No one has cars in Mahatten.  You either catch the subway or you walk.  Even when you catch the train there is a fair bit of walking required to get around the city.

Okay, back to my day. I didn’t get through a lot more of the Met before it closed at 5.30. I probably managed to see half of the European art section including the Frans Hals’ “The Fisher Girl” which was another favourite. There’s so much more to see. I’m going to need to go back.

It was a glorious evening, and after such a beautiful day I decided I would end it in style by visiting the Empire State Building. I managed to get there to see it before the sun went down, and then at sunset and as the lights of the city came on. It was beautiful. But my god I never want to see a French tourist again!!! All up visiting the Empire State Building took me 3 hours. You can’t do anything quickly in this town!

Hope all’s well at home. I’m a bit worried I haven’t had an email for a day or two.

Lots of Love


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