At the airport‏


I’ve made it to the airport. There’s been some big thunder storms, and the plane has been delayed by 2 hours. Both my flights are Qantas – I think they should hold the other plane, so hopefully I’ll make my connecting flight.

Yesterday I had my most beautiful day in New York to date.  I went to the Met again. Despite spending several hours there, I still didn’t get around the whole collection.  Overall I thought the Met had a great 19th and 20th century collection.  The contemporary collection was great as well.

I was disappointed with the European collection. I think the Frick has better pieces, and nothing can beat the hermitage for this.  Actually the gallery I visited in Berlin last year was pretty good as well. For shear gander the Hermitage is still the best I’ve seen.

Dad, you would have loved the musical instruments collection. They had old instruments I haven’t heard off, but which I’m sure you know all about thanks to classic fm.

It was a glorious afternoon. Not a thunderstorm in sight, so I finally got to wander around central park.  It was beautiful with sunlight flickering through the trees and dancing on the water.  There were heaps of activities from people bike riding and running, playing volleyball, listening to music, sun baking in their bikinis, rowing on the lake, kids playing with model boats, to adults ballroom dancing in the park.  It was a magical afternoon.


I didn’t leave the park until 8.30. I wandered down to Times Square, where I bought Emma her runners, and then I just people watched until I couldn’t handle the throng of bodies any more. Oh and I went to the m&m store. They have a machine that tells you what colour m&m you are. They have all these unusual colours like pastel. They have m&m t-shirts, pjs, cups, lolly dispensers, etc. They even had a Janice mug. (Didn’t buy it though.)


Some more thoughts:

– NY city council has this summer streets programme. They close one of the main roads on Saturday morning except for bikes, runners, walkers, roller bladers etc. I was walking to the subway and I saw what I thought was a fun run. When I realized what it was I felt guilty, so I gave up on the train and joined in with the walkers.

– The French have driven me insane!  The only good thing is that don’t seem to go to the cultural sights. They just do the shops and the real touristy stuff.  Man they are annoying!  Jenelle said it’s their school holidays and they always come over this time of year. They drive her crazy in the shops as well. I punched one of them today. A sure sign I’m over them.

– Tell Eugine the US churches haven’t changed all the words to the mass.

– I’m not sure what’s so exciting about pretzels. They’re too salty.

– But I had the best waffle I’ve ever had.  The only problem was it gave me indigestion for the rest of the day.

I think that’s it from me.  See you soon.

Lots of love


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