Sister Adventure 2013 – Great Vic Bike Ride: Nelson to Portland

Ding, Ding, Ding!!! We won the lottery last night when we accidently camped near the volunteers. They are great because we didn’t hear them at all last night, and they get up early. At 5am, all these alarms went off around us. Leanne and I were keen to hit the road early this morning, so that worked perfectly for us.

We got up and packed-up the tent, and then headed for breakfast. Again the organisation was amazing. I was a bit worried about breakfast, as I don’t do cereals and milk, but there was so much fruit for me to eat, yogurts, muffins, bread, etc.

We were on the road shortly after 7am. I again had a giggling fit when I realised I couldn’t get my leg over the frame of the bike to get on. This was a good old fashioned Alison giggling fit. Yep completely out of control, no sound laughing and then huge gulps, tears rolling down my face laughing. Leanne just shook her head and explained to the bewildered man nearby, that I wasn’t haven’t an episode, that this type of thing (the laughing) happens all the time, He responding, by telling Leanne that he had got my whole giggling fit on his helmet video. Glad I could be of entertainment!

Once I got on the bike I found the ride today so much easier than yesterday. I managed to stay with Leanne and at times passed her. She has a lighter bike, cleats, and is lighter than me, so leaves me for dead on the uphill, with my extra weight and speed I go flying past her on the downhill. We played cat and mouse all the way to Portland. I loved riding through the farmland. It was so nice seeing paddocks, green grass and cows. We did the ride today really easily and managed to get into town before the camp even opened.

We were there that early that we were able to help with the unloading of the luggage from the trucks. I almost did my back with some of that luggage. Some people were not following the luggage weight limit.

As we were riding into Portland Leanne started talking about going for a swim in a heated pool, and finding a spa. I thought that was wishful thinking, but ironically our campsite was right beside the YMCA heated pool. Ding, Ding, Ding!!! Winner, Winner, Winner!!! After putting up the tent we headed straight to the pool and found the spa. We had the most lovely time in the spa meeting other riders.

We then went up the street in search of food. We found a place offering Devonshire teas. It was here that I met Barry, one of my lecturers from my library degree at RMIT over 15 years ago. Talk about a small world!


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