Hi from Samoa

Just a quick message to let you know that I’ve arrived in Samoa. I was greeted at the airport with a beer from Janice’s friends.

First impressions: Dogs, Churches and Roosters!

Arrived at 1.30am, and all we saw on the way from the airport were dogs roaming the streets, and there was a church every 50 metres!

Where do roosters come into it you ask? Well when we got back to Janice’s place we sat around talking for a while, and every now and then you would hear a rooster crowing, and then another would crow, then another the other side of town would crow and so on. Then things would settle down and then they would start about 20 mins later. It doesn’t seem to matter what time of the day or night it is, they just love to crow. This morning (Monday morning in Apia), Janice left for work at 8, I rolled over and went back to sleep only to be woken up by a rooster crowing his head off under my window. Gave me the fright of my life!

Yesterday was a perfect Sunday. I was awoken by Janice eating a Kit Kat (this was one of the things she had been craving from home) we went into town for breakfast, drove to the beach with Janice’s friends, slept, swam, drove back, had ice-cream, BBQ for dinner, ate chocolate, played uno, went to bed.

Today and tomorrow Janice is working so I’m exploring by myself, and then I think the rest of the time Janice has time off work and we’re just going to various beaches and islands.

Thursday night Janice’s housemate has a cricket fundraising so we are all going to that. It’s at one of the few remaining night clubs that is open. Apparently most of them are closed down for the month because there has been a bit of trouble at them.

Weather – Beautiful – hot and sweaty. Can someone remind me why the hell I live in Melb! 

For the family:

– Janice is the most healthy looking I’ve seen her for the last couple of years. Samoan life is obviously agreeing with her. She’s actually lost weight – despite being told that they would all put on weight.

– The place they live in is fab! It really is the best place she’s lived in. She’s even more house proud about it than the place in Richmond. The place is spotless. And yes it does have flywire walls. I’ll take some pictures for you.- They live at Vaivase Tai (probably haven’t spelt that right), opposite Ploytechnic (a tafe school), and beside DBs taxi rank.

– Janice is sharing with cricket boy – he is actually good mates with one of the lawyers from BDW in Melb.

– The girls apparently selected what boys they were sharing with by drawing them out of a hat. (Basket of chance continues to live on in Samoa.)

– Fluer and the English boy (journalism teacher) live in the apartment opposite.

– Shay (chef) and Nellie (Aids Education) live downstairs.

– They are a fantastic group of people – they are really like one big family.

– Newspapers went down a treat. Everyone was starved of news – Leanne I would bring over a few for them.

Must go – meeting Janice and Fluer for lunch. Not sure what I’m doing in the afternoon. I think Janice finishes work at about 2.30 – 3pm, so I’ll probably meet up with her somewhere.

Hope it’s cold and rainy back home 🙂